Yann Leory

Yann leroy

A harbinger of cutting-edge contemporary design blended with classical European architectural training, Yann Leroy is globally recognized as being at the top of his field. Born in Congo, Brazzaville, he received a Master’s Degree in Art from Paris University and a Master’s in Architecture from École Nationale Supérieure des Beaux-Arts in Paris. He then received a Japanese Imperial Scholarship to research Urban Design at Tokyo Institute of Technology.

With a career that spans more than 25 years, Yann cut his teeth in the competitive market of New York City in the United States when he moved there after university and quickly established himself as a top-notch talent by working on several high-profile projects throughout the city. Yann has additionally won numerous competitions, including first prize for his entries in both the Moscow Settlement International Competition in August 1990 and the Quebec City Avant-Garde Tradition Competition in June 1990. His professional career has consisted of working internationally with Azuma Takamitsu Architects in Japan, followed by Pashabezian Architects and Oger International in Paris. Yann became a partner at Brennan Beer Gorman Architects in 1992 and rose to become one the largest shareholder and was responsible for a vast amount of work including office buildings, hotels and commercial projects in New York and around the world

As an ardent adventurer and world traveler for both business and pleasure, Yann is often inspired by the unique heritage, landscape and cultural experiences of the locations he works in. Led by the guiding principles of integrity, simplicity and functionality, Yann has the ability to conceptualize limitless possibilities and execute them in a masterful way. Whether working on a luxury resort that blends into the landscape, a high-rise skyscraper that defies expectations, an office building that becomes the hallmark of a city, a planned residential community, or a lifestyle property that combines both living and commercial space, he manages to create iconic structures that seamlessly incorporate the various ways people work, live and play.

“My work is fundamentally about telling stories. This is how I give depth and meaning to each project. I listen to my clients and work with them to envision what is possible. Creating a story often begins with being inspired by the environment and using it as a roadmap that everything connects to. I offer a global vision across the life of a project. It’s all about the details, and being able to deliver a complete package of full-service cohesive design from A to Z. Function is just as important as design, and I am committed to creating intuitive spaces that people enjoy effortlessly”.

Yann is the founder of Yann Leroy Design Architecture & Interiors and currently works as the lead consultant and “Life Landscape Creator” on all projects.