Babe Lake Hotel

Location: Babe Lake, Vietnam.

52 Maldives style villas

1,100 m2 Traditional Medicine Center

500 m2 Ballroom, 2 Function rooms

4 Meeting rooms

Client: Sunny Life Ltd. Chengdu

The Babe Lake resort is located in Vietnam near the Chinese border. It is designed to attract Chinese customers from Kunming and Nanning as well as other mainland cities further afield. 52 villas are laid-out in a Maldives style in two wings on either sides of the central pavilion. The actual TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) center, lobby and other support areas are located on the shore of the lake.
The central floating pavilion is linked to the shore with the main causeway creating the very first strong visual impression for the project. Lost in the majesty of nature. Standing in the middle of the lake, it is largely glazed and mixes Finnish
natural design and contemporary Chinese elements. The “villas” are concrete floating shells supporting the structure of the room above. Each comes with a plunge pool and extensive decks. This is the luxury room with a large indoor sitting and dining area. The entire structure rises and ebbs with the level of the lake. Spring loaded cable systems keep the villas stationary and only allow vertical movement. The mass of the concrete shell prevents the room from oscillating with the waves which are anyway negligible.