About our company

About our company


Our Story

Yann Leroy Design is a contemporary design company based in Bangkok Thailand, founded in January 2010, .  It was a partnership between Yann Leroy and several collaborators, the team prides itself on being ahead of the curve and developing next generation statement projects that often become iconic landmarks. Yann Leroy Design works with a multilingual and international team of industry experts who have the capability of producing construction documentation as well as fit-out works and providing site supervision for projects.

Yann Leroy Design is dedicated to a philosophy of providing highly personalized service to discerning clients and creating inspirational designs for luxury projects worldwide. Yann Leroy Design has extensive experience in the designing of hotels, resorts, corporate investment offices, high-rise residential properties, retail properties, mixed-use complexes, and in creating master plans for commercial development.  Other services provided are interior and exterior design for commercial properties, specializing in global hospitality projects.


Our Skills

Our team takes over everything, from an idea and concept development to realization. We believe in traditions and incorporate them within our innovations. All our projects incorporate a unique artistic image and functional solutions. Client is the soul of the project. Our main goal is to illustrate his/hers values and individuality through design.








Our Fantastic Team

Yann Leroy

Founder / Lead Designer

Geoff Clark

Project Manager

Stacy Xu

Project Manager




Our Timeline

While we’re always evolving our projects, our basic project is a series-of-step process that incorporates client feedback at every turn, meshing our strategic, design, and technical expertise with your brand and industry insights to create an end result that everyone will love.

Phase 1

Kickoff, Discovery, Strategy

During the kickoff portion of the project, we work with clients to form a timeline for their project, affirm the project expectations and introduce the day-to-day contacts from both sides to one another. Following this meeting, we provide a firm timeline and discovery questionnaire, upon receipt of which we’ll schedule a discovery meeting, which is often an in-person working session. During that session we review goals and get a better understanding of the needs of both our client and their audience.

Upon completion of the discovery meeting, we start looking into our client’s current digital footprint and incorporate everything we have learned into the strategy document, which is the ultimate deliverable of this phase of the project

Phase 2


You wouldn’t build a new house without laying the framework, and that’s exactly what we do during the architecture phase of the site, which consists of two main deliverables: a site architecture map and wireframes.

Phase 3

Design & Development

Following our receipt of sign-off on the wireframes and architecture, we move into the design phase of the site. Once designs are signed off on, we move the project into development. The development phase is at once the lowest-touch and the most intense phase of the entire project, as our designers will spend weeks with their heads down building a site, followed by a frenzied period when assets are updated, edits are implemented and technical resources are pulled in to ensure a successful, on-time launch.